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Car Problem! Need Help ASAP!?

I had only drove about 9 blocks when my tryck died. Its a 1987 Chevy Suburban. I was only going 20-25 mph then all the sudden the radio and everything started to die and then the engine shut off. Then the truck was rolling so I tried to use the brakes, but they were locked up for some reason so I switched to park. Then I started it back up just fine, but I still don't want it to die again.

I heard it could be either the fuel pump, fuel filter, spark plugs or the alternator.

I had changed the fuel pump and put new oil in about a month ago and only drive this three days a week.

And if it helps, only the radio was on, and I was hauling 500+ lbs. of laminate flooring in the back space.

So what the problem and how do I fix it???Car Problem! Need Help ASAP!?ignition module (under distributor cap)

distributor cap and rotor bug

spark plugs and wires

throttle body may need cleaning

check alternator along w\ the battery

also when the engine dies your braking system looses vaccum that's why the brakes locked upCar Problem! Need Help ASAP!?%26quot;...then all the sudden the radio and everything started to die and then the engine shut off. %26quot;

What do you mean by %26quot;everything%26quot;? Everything ELECTRICAL? You need to be more specific. But since you said the RADIO started to die (first), and THEN it cut off, that is a huge clue. Forget the fuel pump, filter, spark plugs, etc. Sounds like you lost electrical power, so it quit running.

So, here's my theory - Chevrolet has had a reputation for having bad ignition switches. Does your truck have tilt column in it? Those can cause electrical problems in the harness to the ignition switch, by rasing/lowering the column. Since it started right back up, that kind of points to electrical, not fuel-related.

The brakes %26quot;locked up%26quot; because you lost power brakes, you would have to push REALLY hard to engage them once you lose vacuum ( I think that is a dangerous design flaw, but anyway...), so there's probably nothing wrong with them. Hauling 500 lbs is nothing, either.

I'd try moving the column if it's a Tilt, while idling ( in PARK, not while you're driving! Hel-LO , :D ), to see if it'll cut off again. If it does, then you may have found your problem. Do an internet search on Chevy Suburban and Ignition switches, and see if you find any reports of problems. You may find them. I know the Blazers and small pick-ups suffered as well from this once they got some age on them. Good luck,

- The Gremlin Guy -Car Problem! Need Help ASAP!?My mother bought a Chevy Baretta in the 1980's (don't remember the exact year-82-85?) and it would stop running on the freeway!It happened to myself and a younger sister on the freeway and thank God it was early in the a.m. and we were returning from a concert so there was little traffic. This problem continued, and it behaved in the exact manner as yours, except that many times it would not start as well as the times it did. We took it to so many mechanics yet none could ever fix the problem. To this day, we still do not know what the problem was. However, my mother got a Lemon Law attorney-it was a new law back then-and forced Chevy to buy back that Baretta since it was off the showroom floor when we bought it and had fewer than 10 miles on it. She won and got back all of the money she spent on it, including down payment and monthly payments. You do not say if you bought the truck new or used.

So, while this is not a technical mechanical answer, I am just telling you that was our experience with a Chevy behaving like that. It may be a computer problem, it may be a battery problem. That's all I can tell you.Car Problem! Need Help ASAP!?GM had a problem on many models where the wiring passed through the firewall, especially when wet. The connections on the outside as well as the connections under the dash were not making good contact, and woud break contact at various times. Next time, try to isolate problem by moving wires outside first, then under dash. after each movement, try to start vehicle.Car Problem! Need Help ASAP!?I agree with tracie and gremlin. sounds like an ignition problem.Car Problem! Need Help ASAP!?My guess is the ignition switch

try wiggling the key all over the place while it is running (in park) see if you can make it cut out

My car will not start. It's got spark, turns over, fuel pump sounds to work. maybe it's the fuel filter?

I have a 2002 Chevrolet Malibu V6 with 82000 miles, bought it 6 months ago at 79000 miles. In the past month(I live in Alaska) when temperatures dipped to the low 30's at night time, it seemed to need to crank over more times until it actually started than usual.

Now when I try starting it, you can hear it turn it over, it has gas, it has spark, all the belts work, when you put the key in, you can hear something turning on(I think is the fuel pump) but it does not start. I think it may be the fuel filter. Any other good ideas of what it may be? Any idea where exactly the fuel filter is on this car and how easy it is to change it? I assume the fuel filter is by the engine somewhere.

My car will not start. It's got spark, turns over, fuel pump sounds to work. maybe it's the fuel filter?if it started having trouble starting when the temp dipped you might need a tuneup. And with winter coming and where you live i would do a complete tuneup plugs wires filters both air and gas.My car will not start. It's got spark, turns over, fuel pump sounds to work. maybe it's the fuel filter?It possibly is the fuel filter. Location, on most american cars, is underneath the car, near the fuel tank.My car will not start. It's got spark, turns over, fuel pump sounds to work. maybe it's the fuel filter?Try using some starting fluid or carbu-clean in to the intake manifold.

Just take off the air filter and spray in to the manifold (about 2 secons of spray only) LOOK OUT FOR EXPLOSIONS!!!

If the engine starts and then stalls, then it is a fuel problem.

My car will not start. It's got spark, turns over, fuel pump sounds to work. maybe it's the fuel filter?you can test for fuel pressure on the fuel rail. Get a pressure tester and see what you have. You should have 50-60 psi. A filter is cheap enough ($14.00 for that car) and easy enough to change. Its close to the fuel tank in back on the drivers side. I believe you have to have the coupling removal tool but they are cheap as well. The problem is that you can easily start throwing money and parts at it hoping to hit it and save yourself some money but end up spending more than if you took it to a mechanic to have it fixed. The shotgun approach to auto repair is always expensive.My car will not start. It's got spark, turns over, fuel pump sounds to work. maybe it's the fuel filter?Turn the key to %26quot;on%26quot; and reach under the car and hit the fuel tank a couple times with your fist or your foot if you can kick it.

Then try to start it, If it starts up your fuel pump is dead.

The reason I think it is your fuel pump %26amp; not the filter is because a restricted fuel filter usually causes the vehicle to lose power under a load. Your car was hard to start but you did not mention it running poorly once it did start.

In summary, I think your fuel pump is not %26quot;waking up%26quot; when you first turn on the key but if you can give it a shake by hitting the tank it will probably jar it to life and work until you shut the key off again. The fuel pump is in the fuel tank on your car.

If it starts, drive it somewhere where you can work on it. The fuel tank will have to be drained %26amp; lowered to replace the pump if it is like most cars. Sometimes you get lucky and can access it through the trunk, I am not sure on a 2002 Malibu.

Good Luck!


and no i cannot siphon it becasue there's a screen blocking me from siphoning. i need to change my fuel pump but i have to drop my tank in order to do so. HOWEVER i have at least 14 gallons in the tank and cant drop it with tha much in there.

so how the heck can i get the gas out? we're trying to do this ourselves so we dont have to pay someone, we litterally dont have the extra $$.HELP!! HOW DO I GET THE GAS OUT OF MY 95 FORD WINDSTAR 3.8?they never fail to go out 3/4 of a tank or above.use a floor jack and balance it on it till you get it down low.that is what id do, i wouldnt even mess with emptying.if you dont have a floor jack(i mean a wide base shop type)then borrow or try to rent one.HELP!! HOW DO I GET THE GAS OUT OF MY 95 FORD WINDSTAR 3.8?disconnect the fuel line at the filter get a clean bucket or pan or both or 3-4 buckets to hold 14 gallons ans let it drain out. Then dump it in the buckets then use a funnel to put it back in when your done.HELP!! HOW DO I GET THE GAS OUT OF MY 95 FORD WINDSTAR 3.8?you would remove the gas filler hose then siphon it from the tanks opening. No other way

Technically, a fuel pump becomes defective when owners allow their tanks to fall below 1/4 of their tank.

Chevy Astro Van Check Engine Light On - Air Idler Problem ???

Need someone who really know a Chevy Astro Van (1993 4.3L 2WD Extended Passenger Van)

This is How it happens.

1. Fuel injector bad, change the Fuel injector.

2. Map senor bad, Change new map senor.

3. Air idle problem, Change Air idle sensor.

4. Regulator bad, no pressure, Change the Fuel injector/regulator set again.

5. Everything looks fine.

6. Engine Run on idle for 10 mins till engine is hot, Check Engine light is on again. Computer Shows that it is the Air idle problem again.

7. Change fuel line and Fuel pump.

Is this because I did not clean the Air Throttle Body or the Air idle sensor is bad again, or something else.

Computer said ok to drive, and it is ok to drive, but if i let the vehicle idle for 20 seconds, the check engine light will come on again with the same message.

Can someone Help !!!!!Chevy Astro Van Check Engine Light On - Air Idler Problem ???Dear Astro Van-

Well it looks like you had your work cut out for you.

There is one detail that I really needed to know, and that was which 4.3L was in this Astro. The 8th VIN Digit will either be a %26quot;Z%26quot; or a %26quot;W%26quot; which indicates a Vortec 4.3L or the TBI Engine.

OK Here we go.

On the vans that are equipped with the %26quot;Z%26quot; motor they use a fuel injector setup that was a good idea, just poor execution.

The injector system used a Timed Fuel Distributor with these black soda straws that went out to each cylinder within the intake manifold. Depending on the type, (Generation 1 or Generation 2) you would either be required to replace the entire fuel distrubutor system, or you could replace the individual injector that wad bad.

These vans were also equipped with a TBI, (Throttle Body Injector). This looks like a modified Carbuetor with two large fuel injectors placed over a two barrel throttle plate and venturi body. If this is your system, then you need to check the base gasket on this TBI Unit. The base gaskets were notorious for becoming brittle and cracked . If you remove the air cleaner and open the throttle plates you may see a chunk of black hanging out down below the throttle plates. If you see this, this is the base gasket and it cracked and needs to be replaced.

The Idle Air Control Solenoids were also an issue on these vans. This is a round part that will have a plug on it normally near the base of the TBI Unit. This will just require a quick replacement.

The last thing that it might be on this van is the electronically controlled EGR Valve. This valve used to cause this van some trouble from time to time, and I know there was a warranty campaign on these parts. the valve will need to be replaced if this is the case.

My advice to you is to take the van to your local Chevrolet Dealership and let them have a look at it. If there are any warranty campaigns that need to be done to the vehicle, they may be covered under warranty with little or no charge to you. But the Chevrolet Dealership will have to make that determination.

Keep in mind that, yes you are paying a little more at the dealerships, but they are also working on that product all of the time and have the most up to date service information available to them.

I work in a Chevrolet Dealership. Most of the time when customers come in with trouble with their Chevrolet Products, they have taken them to a private shop for issues such as the ones that you are experiencing. Normally when these vehicles leave the Dealership, they are not having problems anymore. Also Chevrolet backs up all of the work their technicians perform with a 12 month or 12,000 mile warranty on the work and the parts.

It may cost you a few buck more, but I own two Chevrolet's and the piece of mind is worth the extra money I pay.

I hope I helped you out! Good Luck!Chevy Astro Van Check Engine Light On - Air Idler Problem ???Since you stated this is a %26quot;W%26quot; engine, my guess is that it will be the base gasket on the TBI Unit, which will mean removal of this unit to replace the gasket. If this does nit solve the problem, then you have an ECM Issue, and only the dealer can repair it.

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Chevy Astro Van Check Engine Light On - Air Idler Problem ???the idle air control code does not mean the sensor is bad for sure.

you need to test the wireing harness.

and a sludged up throttle body could also cause this code

when you replaced it the first time was the passage clean?

if the throttle body is clean you need to test the wire harness

for 5 volt reverence and return signals from the sensor.


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Car MPG problem, can any one help?

So i have a 2003 Dodge Caravan 6 cyl, 3.3 L, Automatic 4-speed it the mpg on this is 17 city, 24 Hwy but when i drive around the city my gas just vanishes!! It feels like instead of 17 city i am getting like 7. Recently the Check Engine light, i when to the station and they changed the fuel pump. So i want to know what might be the possible problem for my low MPG (even thought 17 is already low) and how can i fix it?Car MPG problem, can any one help?have you have a tune up? a severly clogged air filter and worn out spark plugs can do this also you may want to check the o2 sensor if that doesnt work properly it screws up your air fuel ratio causing you to use lots more gas than your engine needsCar MPG problem, can any one help?well lots could be the cause, but i would look at a few things tune up stuff plugs wires air filter things then I would look at the fuel pressure regulator make sure the fuel pump is working properly. the 3.3 should get a lot better mpg so you have a problem. make sure no leaks on the ground also. check to see if the air hose from valve cover to air box is ok.Car MPG problem, can any one help?A check engine light usually is not an indicator for a bad fuel pump - you may have gotten ripped off...the catalytic converter may be bad, which leads to poor fuel mileage, as well as some of the other suggestions. Also keep your tire pressures properly inflatedCar MPG problem, can any one help?I hate to mention this but are you leaking gas anywhere? 7 mpg would be a world's record I think. If it was running VERY rich you'd be getting backfires.

It would be well worth it to get it checked ASAP with gas prices where they are.Car MPG problem, can any one help?I have a dodge dakota 6 cyl there might be engine sluge or is it or isnt in overdrive?
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  • Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 1997?

    1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, 150,000 on it. It is giving me problems cutting off. Most of the time it happens right after it is cranked and i get on the road. It just acts like it is either starved for gas or flooded. You can feel it skip a few times and then off it goes. It will usually start right back. Weird part is, I changed the fuel pump, idle air motor and crankshaft sensor. After each part change, there was a change in how the jeep cranked and it seemed ok for about four days. Then right back to the same old problem.

    When I crank it, the motor spins for several seconds before starting. After i changed the parts, it was starting soon as I turned the key, but after about four days, it was back to spinning a bit before starting. Changing the crankshaft sensor made the most difference. I really thought it was fixed, but after four days, it started cutting off again.

    Never saw anything like this before. Got any ideas????

    The last repair change computer is necessary change the harness Cables

    Please Respond Thor 587Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 1997?A 10 years old cherokee is not fun to drive.

    You may consider buying a newer one at websites like

    http://www.jeepmax.comJeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 1997?All the repairs you did assume you first made sure your ignition spark was getting to the spark plugs reliably. You have to know the basics are good before a diagnosis can be done. Since the vehicle is 11 years old, it should have had a new set of spark plug wires. If not, install them with new spark plugs if the plugs need changing too. If your Jeep has a distributor cap and rotor, change those as well.

    If then it still stalls and will crank ok but not start, immediately check for good spark with the spark tester below. Check for similar owner complaints at You might invest in an OBD-II computer error code reader from Actron ($60) to help you diagnose the problems. Grand Cherokee Laredo 1997?Sorry I don't have the time to get the link but do a google search and there is a Jeep forum that discusses this at length.

    Here they are...;messageID=2213423%26amp;threadID=207280;threadID=248386%26amp;messageID=2490641

    Something about a PCM cover/fasteners shorting some wires.Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 1997?change fuel filter, may be more than one. check engine codes. check distributor cap for cracks, may be drawing moisture overnight. make sure fuel cap is venting properly if not could be causing vapor lock.Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 1997?Too old! Change it! If you need a very strong off-road vehicle choose a Defender! It's better and it lasts towsand of years!

    1992 BMW 325is car problems?

    Recently my car wouldn't start i had a friend come over and look at it and he said it was the fuel pump.I let the my friend change the fuel pump but now the car sputters and misfire like its not gettn enough gas can u guys give me any ideas on what to do or what should i do? this is the pump i bought from the warehouse;tlc=Engine+%26+Drivetrain also the pump is not showing me how much gas i have1992 BMW 325is car problems?Pumps go bad because of restriction. So you might keep blowing pumps if you still have a restriction.

    Change the fuel filter.

    Check that the tank is not building up vacuum from a bad vent valve, (listen for hissing when cap opened).

    Put a meter on the fuel rail and make sure it is not too high from a bad regulator or return valve.

    The pump you showed was an OEM by VDO so is an exact replacement. If the fuel gauge is not showing right, I suspect either you did not plug it in right, the gauge is bad, or there is a bad ground to the tank unit. Check the ground connection to the chassis for the pump, because it won't work right with a bad or corroded ground.1992 BMW 325is car problems?The pump may be defective (since the sender is likely built in to it. It sounds as if your burnt out pump was the result of a clogged fuel filter however.1992 BMW 325is car problems?I would really call the company that makes the fuel pump, if you can't get any help there. You need to take your car to a BMW certified repair shop and fork out the extra cash for them to fix it.1992 BMW 325is car problems?i would change the fuel filter if that dont help have the fuel pressure checked almost any mechanic can do this rather cheap takes maybe 20 minutes your Friend probably didnt get the fuel sending unit hooked back up you may have to drop the tank again also good idea to change the pick up filter in the tank hope this help and good luck